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8 tracks in the mixtape. Pick your poison.


released October 9, 2014



all rights reserved


thekira Singapore

aka KIRA

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Track Name: intr0vert feat. Rocky Balboa
You know
This is the intro
This is the warmup
This is where I came up
No I am not there yet
I do not care, rap
Is something I wanna do
It's something I prove to you
It's like a kid dreaming
He wants to be Superman
What's that to me rapping
And they go "that's superb, man!"
Praise God
This is what I'm good at
I'm sorry to my parents
I can't be what they want me as
That's good as that
Yeah, all I got is a mic
All I want is to write
Songs for the people who see
Whatever that they can be
Never be anyone else
You should be only yourself
You should be who you wanna be
To be beyond infinity
Dont let your parents stop you
Dont let your friends stop you
Dont let yourself stop you
Go and let you start you
Love the people around
Stay your feet on the ground
At the end who will be there?
You, just you will be there

As the introvert
As the intro's first
That's the intro verse
As the introvert
Track Name: whatchuKKnow
whatchuKKnow? 4x

Who is Kidd Killer? Is he really a killer?
Is he getting bloody money like a drug dealer?
Sike! I'm kidding bro, he's a rapper
With smart style rap, not looking dapper

A- Rod, I'm hitting grandslams
15 seconds still I don't like you, Instagram
Double DOUBLE tap on me to make me famous
I'm Rick Grimes WHAAAAT, I shoot you brainless

Every track I'm on, banger to the speaker
Every time I spit, I'm only getting sicker
Every verse I do, I'm gonna get bigger
Every word I say, I'm Hermoine Granger

I'm brown Vegeta, I'm going super saiyan
If you think you the strongest, then you know you just saying
Rappers be the villains, be the baddest, be the rude


News flash! Kiddosheldy's dead!
You coming out the closet, cuz I'm right under your bed
Monochrome colour is so 2000-and-late
I see the same different, you know they be rocking fakes

This is gonna be legend
Don't need to write completely, your balls be acting cherry
I'll be Toshio rapping, you'll be acting scary
My tracks be so psychotic, you can call me Carrie

Change up the flow, gonna get low, to the punchline
I'm on the go, never say no, kill it every time
So what they say, they gonna pay, call me loanshark
I am the best, cats out the bag, I'm Tony Stark

For crying out loud, simmer down
You animals gotta go back to the animal pound
Imma let you finish but know I'm the best around
If you're not backing down, lets go another round
Track Name: E A R N (Everybody's A Rapper Now)
Everybody. everybody, everybody rap 3x
Everybody, everybody is a rapper now

Scream it like you mean it huh, lemme hear it
Killer on the loose check your noose, damn it
Break it now or take a break, like you wanna
Feel it in your veins, when ya

It's simple at it goes, when it flows, it goes with the beats
I don't deal with the wack rappers, I go with the bigs
You tryna hustle hard but all I see are tricks
Childish Gambino, I roll with the Freaks

I'll be on that juice
Chucking up the deuce
Ghostface when I'm crazy, killer on the loose
Man, sorry for my accent
But I've been practising
I'm in the top division
Swinging for the fences

Everyone, you wanna be a rapper now?
Everyone, just wanna be the cool now
Anyone, can spit like a rapper now
You ain't me, that's just how you do it now


Spicy when I spit, did you see fire burn on my lips?
You never met anyone like me like the apocalypse
Do you see the throne? I say I say I call dibs
This is not for the weak hearted, it blows to your ribs

Lemme explain
My game to your pain
You say you make it rain
But my light-insane
Your rap game bad juju
My rap pierce like voodoo
So call me kidd guru
Then I be like who you?

Every rapper that I know say they are number 1
They be shooting at me by using an empty gun
The chances of them ever winning is zero to none
I'll be bombing on these rappers so they better run
Track Name: best feat. Encik Muthu
You rocking with the best but I'm working to be best 4x

You rocking with the best but I'm working to best
I barely lift a finger, yet I'm better than the rest
My ego isn't talking, this is me just to confess
You bragging bout you made it but you don't even contest

Me, this ain't even the best me
Don't even put an A, see
If you feel the heat of the verses
Turn down the AC
Lemme see you hate me
I will be somebody that you always say you wanna be

Depressing to the people
You dressing like a funeral
You made it simple for me to put you guys to your funeral
This is to the hypebeasts
Who running low on cash
I'm sorry for your parents
Who provided you the splash


Independent since 17, I have no crew
If you talking bout my close friends, I do have a few
We chilling and we feeling, eh thats just how we do
My cliques be the cool, your clique's Winnie the Pooh

"Yeah I'm rolling with the best" liar liar pants on fire
If you think I'm talking bout you, you tripping on that wire
Flowing new to the old, uTorrent to Limewire
Devil in a teacup, I'm bringing hellfire

I keep it simple, till I make a triple
My tracks be in your bones, thats just how you cripple
I swear I wipe you clear, you just Nagasaki
You be hanging with best, that's how you get lucky
Track Name: falling (for you)
Still dreaming bout where we go now
You down? I'm down, let's go now
Like a merry-go, we are gonna go 'round
Instagram us, cuz we are photobound

Yeah, with you and that white dress
You gonna be the queen to my success
Yes, no other boys to contest
You by my side, I wanna be my very best

Old school beat with a new school kid
Old school love with a same school chick
Out of all, I'm the one that she picked
She's real, all real, not a movie flick

Too good to be true, lets put as that
Blowing kisses on the text gimme heartattacks
I pen down bout you on the track
Lets see if you wanna play it back, lets go


Verse two, date two, uhoh damn
First white, now black, like yin yang
We are on the same page all day, see
This is too cool huh? Too freaky

I hate romance movies, huh you too?
Like I'm talking to me when I talk to you
She caught my eye when she grooved
I dance my words, she rhymes with her sick moves

She's amazing, what else can I do
Her laugh, her smile, her heart too
If you think she's not, jokes on you
If you think she is, I'm cool with you

It's a roller coaster ride when I'm with you
Anything we do, we pull through
I pen down bout you on the track
Let's see if you wanna play it back, lets go

Track Name: kiko mizuhara
Kiko Mizuhara
All these Asian girls wanna be like Mizuhara

All these Asian girls wanna be like, be like
Fair skin, skinny type they will be like, be like
Wanna be skinny to fit skinnies to be model-like
Skinny is the sexy so they can be the model type

Selfies like a hunned a times, none are pretty as hers
Makeup and dresses cost more than a thou-sand and fake Louis V of a purse
Instagram will be the death of her, won't be the last to her first
She sees herself at the mirror, she feels like she's the worst

She wanna be like Kiko, she wanna lose some kilos
She want that Kiko body, and it's all in her pillow
Diet diet, riot in her tummy, can't you hear it?
Now now, they look like a stick, can't you see it?


All these Asian boys wanna be like, be like
They want a lady who is skinny, be the model type
These girls skipping meals so they can have a body like
Kiko Mizuhara, yeah, so they can fit in right?

They want the invite, they they wanna party thru the night
Straight out the bottle, getting tipsy with no mixing Sprite
They don't know what it's like, doing things that they don't like
They thought that it's cool to be drunk every single night

Requests on Facebook, you know you got your ego up
One night stands, that's why they wanna add you up
You think about his face when he thinks about your body
You think about love when he thinks about somebody

Track Name: todomeda/gameover
K is for the text that you sent me
Telling me that I can't do it, now do you see me
I'm going solo like Han, you's a C3
Never getting As on your tracks like Asians getting C3s

K K means Kidd Killer
I'm starring all the movies, you know you just being the filler
WhatchuKKnow, whatcha know bout being the realest
One hit wonders thinking about fame being the thrillest

I seize the days causing seizures after seizure
I'm the worst pierce rapper, worst healing acupuncture
Baddest of the baddest, I put the K in Killer
Center of attraction, you's a Human Centipede's center

I'm a Malay, I don't make it on the stairs
I'm climbing to the top, I can't see you over there
You never started from the bottom, never grow a pair
You were never underground, just a piece of underwear


I'm killing like JAWS, going ham like Sharkeisha
These Yung Lean rappers ain't famous like the Pisa
I'm Julius you salads if you talking bout the Caesar
Must I paint a thousand words if you still don't get the picture?

You got a big mouth, yeah you like to talk
You be the pebble in rumble, I'm the Rocky and the Rock
I can be a gentlemen without having a crewcut
She don't want your anaconda cuz it's actually a peanut

Kiddosheldy's dead, he's under my bed
I'm hungry for wack rappers and you better stay dead
If you flyest, I'm a dragon, I spit fire
You just a rookie in the game but better go retire

I might be nice, but I am who you fear
I can do it in 2 days, what you do in 2 years
Shots to you, rappers, never feeling sober
Killer in the game, you rappers, game over